Carving Out My Own Corner of the Internet

 On an idea brought to my attention by Steal Like an Artist, I have decided to carve out my own corner of the internet at Life has drastically changed in the past few years, and I am changing with it. It’s no longer feasible for me to audition for a theatre show and rehearse for an extended period of time. It’s mainly a time issue, and raising two daughters has made me realize that every minute that I can spend in their life’s is sacred. So where does that leave a person who has devoted his entire life to theatre artistry and acting. Well, with a lot of choices on my hands.

I’m shifting to being a writer and executive producer of my own work. Think of it as Paul Thomas Andersoning my life…yes, I just used his name as an adverb. But it’s the same thing that Orson Wells, Laurence Olivier and many others have done. Get my own work out there. I have had several plays and movie ideas in the past that are stories that I want to tell that have been rummaging around in my mind. I’ve been writing them in the back of my head and explained the plot to hundreds of people. Well, as I get closer to the grave at age 44, it’s time to tell these stories! And I want you to come along with me for the ride! That’s why I’m duplicating everything on substack and my main website. And I’m gonna let you in to my creative process.
I believe current social media is throwing pearls before swine to steal a religious reference, and I’m going to do it another way…subscribe to what I create here.
If a topic comes up that I need to write about, I will write it here! I will also copy it to my blog. My goal is to create gifts for people to enjoy and give to others. I hope to, with the rest of my life that I have left, create the stories that I want to tell and hopefully they will be stories that you will want to read. 


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