If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn't have opened for anyone else. - Joseph Campbell

When we think about curiosity, what comes to mind? It killed the cat would the the first thing I think of. And what of a cat who is curious? It’s asking questions. It’s observing the world around us.  Explorers in older days were seeking conquests in the new world were referred to as conquistadors. They were exploring the uncharted world and seeking riches and wealth. Does curiosity bring death and destruction?
We see the observable world and the world yet unexplored. At the heart, is to learn. And learning allows us to grow. To bring on new skills. To focus on what is required to progress and become a skilled laborer. A skilled professional. We decide what we want to be and then we decide what is required to be that. 

We have a lot of questions. I’ve often said that the secret to life is not knowing the right answers, but asking the right questions. The brain is an answer machine. It gives you answers to whatever question that you ask. Why am I not getting this? Why am I such a failure? What is it about me that doesn’t fit in? Those answers flow into us and define us.
Our curiosity can be directed at what we are interested in at that moment. If we’re at our job, we can get curious about the things that make up us being able to do a good job. If we’re doing a specific art, we can get curious about the skills we need to make art. Anything we want to do is basically led by a curious nose for exploration.
So how do we get curious? I like lists. I’m a huge fan of looking at things from all different angles and just really and truly focusing on the things that are going to make you successful. Whatever it is. Get better at it. If you don’t know a subject, get better at that subject. Breaking things down, analyzing the steps and finding the right path is a great way to move forward. To progress.
Following our curiosity is scary, but it can be rewarding. We just have to know when to pivot. To move to an area where we can move forward. And we can think outside our box and really create a life that is worthy of what we would like it to be. 


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