Updates and Things

Hey family and friends. Starr here with some updates and news. I've been doing okay here in T-Town. Living la Vida loca. Had a wonderful game night with friends where we played The Oregon Trail, Sushi Go Go, Set and Exploding Kittens. So fun. Work has been challenging yet fun every day. I've been having focus issues and working to eliminate those so I can be more productive at work. I've also been focusing on a possible dopamine detox that I am going to attempt. I think that using neurochemicals to achieve goals is 10 times more important than to just exist devouring content and shitposting. 
I want to write a movie that will be fun for people to act in. I want to write plays for people to produce. I want to be an auteur. And I want to create gifts and things for people to enjoy. I want to create a successful side biz for people to enjoy.  
Anything that gets in the way of the basics needs to be eliminated. And I need to be ruthless about that. And I can't do any of that if I'm just coasting through life.
My life is on a completely different path and I'm free to make up a new future. What an amazing opportunity. 


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