Is An Actor Worthy of a Tip for a Good Performance?

For all my life, I’ve been a creative. A person who basically creates gifts for people to enjoy. In the past couple of months, I have been reinventing myself. Partly because a life that I had planned fell through, but mostly because I am completely reevaluating my direction in life. I want all of my passions in life to converge in one place. The center. Some would call it the Ikigai. In fact, it is my Ikigai. My reason for being on this Earth. It’s not going to be something that comes down and lights on me like a bird but something that will ultimately be able to fulfill me in my newly time constrained role as a father to two lovely daughters.

As someone who is searching right now, I came across this episode of Shark Tank. Yep, on Hulu. And an app called Bravo. People say that there are a thousand apps like it in a thousand ways, but this is basically a tipping app. But an app where someone has the ability to transfer funds in proximity to you. And I got to thinking about this app and a very real problem that faces the industry that I currently find myself a part of.

For the past twenty years, I’ve been a theatre major. Many people have an old joke about how to get rich in the theatre, “First, start with a lot of money…” and then you know the rest. Well, I’m one of those people who invested a lot of money to become a trained actor. And when I saw the price tag after college, I looked at what I got and the community that I chose to rest in an realized that the community was not creating jobs for individuals who had invested this time and effort in collegiate endeavors. So, left with a massive amount of debt and now a family who gets to reap the rewards from that debt, I can become another casualty of the creative educational industry, or I could consider that our new world provides an opportunity to use technology such as Bravo Tip and Pay to turn the tides and create a new world.

The genius of this app is that it’s all about tips. Someone plays a performance and the person tips them if they think they did a good job. I seriously wonder what the application would be in a theatre setting. You’ve got ten actors in a performance, and they have put their time, heart, soul and gas into a production. Now their are nearly 200–500 individuals in an average theatre audience. So if an actor does a considerably good job, wouldn’t they deserve a tip? Of course they would. And Bravo Tip and Pay would make that possible. The actors basically work for tips. Tips from individuals. As theatre artists have done for centuries, live off of the kindness of wealthy patrons who would provide them safe passage. This was common place when theatre started, and people will tell me that I am wrong, but if theatre companies would announce that they were using Bravo and that if you liked a performance, then feel free to tip that performer, it wouldn’t be much, but they might get gas that week.

The founders of this app are great people. The app speaks for itself. I strongly urge you to begin to use it if you are an acting professional and begin to work for tips. This could be a game changer for the performing arts.

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