Will Farcry 5 bring Fishing to a New Generation

Fishing has become one of the most intriguing features of the new action/adventure game Farcry 5. While the story revolves around the community of Hope County, Montana and the dictatorial rule of a charismatic preacher Joseph Seed and The Project at Eden’s Gate; you can still kick back from the carnage and do some fishing.The level of detail that has been placed into this game is really mind boggling. By purchasing a rod and reel from the local store, you can take your dog out fishing. You also have the choice from different flies that are available and the different fish that you can look for. As you play, you also unlock secret fishing spots throughout the game. You earn cash and perk points for how many fish you catch.
The interesting thing though about this game, is that it is creating a community around the side mission that seems to be mirroring the current fishing community. This seems to be a great way to reach young people and bring them to the sport. Right now, you can search Far Cry Fishing and see the various comments on Twitter and they range from young to old. Some are truly hilarious.
In the era of games being blamed for all sorts of things, I think that this use of a video game really and truly identifies what games can be and how they can teach. If someone has never fished before, they are given simple controls and are given an objective to reach. Basically, catch a fish. The implications could be huge for the fishing industry. By ingraining fishing into a game that at it’s core is not necessarily about fishing but it’s in the same range of fishing, maybe it gets someone excited about it.
I have to think that the creators at Ubisoft Montreal truly created a game with a restful experience that balances out the high end experience of dealing with the subject matter of the game. And I think, people are catching on that this experience gives them, and they like it. It really brings about the learning potential for crafts and other such avenues of instruction for games.


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